Video Jam Country #170 Rodney Crowell

Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with host Tracy Foley. Playlist:
* Jenna Raine - Technicolor,
*Rodney Crowell - Flatland Hillbillies,
*Jackson Michelson- One at a Time,
*Brinn Black - 72's, *Scott Stevens - I Feel Good,
*Lucas Hoge- That'll Be the Day,
*Dylan Scott- When You Say Nothing At All,
*Jordyn Stoddard - Bad Baby,
*Dianna- Andale Yeehaw,
*Southern Halo - Sunshine,
*Truxton Mile - California on My Mind,
*Caylee Hammack - Family Tree,
*Stephanie Quayle- If I Was a Cowboy,
*Baily Hefley- Dust on a Diamond,
*Alexis Ebert - Ride and Die, *Chuck Mead - Big Bear in the Sky,
*Zach Stone - Four Letter Word

Posted September 9th 2019 7:46pm.

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