Hidden Treasures 93: Odds, Ends, and Miniatures

Today's show is about Odds, Ends, and Miniatures. Odds and Ends are items you may not see many of, but could be worth some money in your pocket. Miniatures, which have been popular for centuries, are items made in tiny, small scale. Miniature glassware, dishes, plates and the like, used to be made for Doll Houses in the old days. These miniatures, among other things, were finely made by very talented carpenters, who made such beautiful Doll House furniture, beds, lamps, tables and more. Many of these now would be worth more that its full-size version! At yard sales and flea markets, look for miniatures of any sort that are well made and show detail. Some glassware, like wine or whiskey decanters, although tiny, will still have their tiny stoppers at the top. Books in miniature size can bring thousands of dollars if they are the right book. Bill also talks about Hawaiian shirts, which can be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Real Hawaiian shirts are made in Hawaii (which is stated on the label), have coconut buttons, and some of the older kinds will have a little pocket near the bottom of the shirt. The best places to look for real Hawaiian shirts are places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers and other thrift stores.

Posted May 3rd 2022 5:31pm.

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