WCCA TV is a community empowering institution that stands for media literacy, media democracy and creative innovation, since 1986. It is the sole company in Worcester to this day that continues as such.

WCCA levels the media playing field by providing an open and all-inclusive participatory resource that gives everyone access to the tools, technology and education needed to fully and independently participate in a video reliant communications world.

WCCA’s state of the art studio facility provides an inspiring creative space for content creation and all sorts of media related collaborations. It is and environment designed to engage and transform community through electronic media.

WCCA TV’s programming and distribution network is seen worldwide, on line, on numerous web based platforms, and through Charter Cable channel 194. In addition to providing physical creative space for content creation and local originated programming reflecting community interest, it serves as an “electronic park”, a public digital open maker space, where people come together to talk about Worcester, their individual stories and more.

WCCA TV’s a mission to ensure digital inclusion, media literacy and apply skills and technological tools are available for all to share their stories and reach out and connect. It’s all about Worcester, it’s all about connection and building community. The place in Worcester to LEARN, CREATE, and CONNECT.

WCCA TV plays a huge role in today’s world:

WCCA TV is NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY MEDIA and is a commercial free space for free speech and expression.

It is a true definition of embedded story telling TV BY, FOR, and OF THE PEOPLE. A place in media where our local community is prioritized.

WCCA TV Advocates and Facilitates public access to education, media literacy, and the technology and resources needed to compete in today’s video reliant world.

WCCA TV empowers community members through ensure they access to the above education and resources. This results in meaningful media.

WCCA TV provides the space, tools and technology to enable community participants to create and produce QUALITY content.

WCCA TV demystifies the digital world of communications and television production

WCCA TV offers a network of viewers, skilled professional producers and communicators, and artists that inspires collaboration and innovation.

WCCA TV is a center for media literacy, a place to understand how media is produced, used, serves the public, as well as to understand how stories and this technology can impact us all.

100% of the content programing seen on WCCA TV reflects the interest of our local community because it is our community that is producing it.

WCCA TV is a place for not only creation but for exploration. WCCA was the first in Worcester to offer a ‘hotspot” in Worcester’s downtown, the first in central Massachusetts to apply wireless video technology, the first in central Massachusetts to provide YOUTH media education, and more. A place where innovation flourishes and it is happening downtown in the heart of Worcester.

In addition to its public access mission WCCA TV uniquely serves the public as a STEAM education program serving young or old of all types of backgrounds, a place where career skills are honed and opportunities are gained.

WCCA TV is a curator serving and strongly advocating to preserve local stories and local film/video arts communities.

WCCA TV is also a place where people create and have fun.

Learn more visit wccatv.com or follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Contact Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV

508-755-1880 ext. 111 or via email mauro@wccatv.com

Visit and watch us at wccatv.com or Facebook or Youtube. and available on Roku

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Benefits to YOU and to the Community:

Affordable Media Access to news local information, and a place where YOU are the media; WCCA TV Empowers Everyone; a place where Media literacy and innovation flourishes; Access to a unique maker space to learn create and connect; a public space to share your story, talent, or opinion FREE of POLITICAL WHIM or CORPORATE RETRIBUTION; a place reflecting and communicating all that is Worcester and a sense of community pride; Levels the media playing field; expand your reach and mobilize and outreach to a broad community of viewership; access to state of the art tools and technology, resources, and network. Transforms lives, and builds community bridges.


Become a member, volunteer, watch and share your stories and ours.


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