OVER 3000 community TV shows and counting on DEMAND !!!

That’s right at WCCA TV when we say we are Worcester’s Community Anchor Institution for Democratic Media and Creative Innovation we mean it! There is no better quantifiable evidence to define our mission than to look at the amazing amount or community media and Television production, programs and activities going on at TV 13. TV created BY;FOR; and OF the People.
We appreciate all your support and PARTICIPATION.

Here are some helpful tips in finding your favorite WCCA TV shows out of the very many ( over 3000 and counting ) we have archived for you:

To find your fav TV 13 Video On-Demand try pasting http://www.wccatv.com/video in your browser.
For recently aired shows, scroll through the list, or go the the Program List page http://www.wccatv.com/programs and click on the the name of the WCCA produced show you’re looking for.

Another way to find the show you want to watch is to use the search box on the top, right side of the WCCA website pages. Enter the name or title of the guest on the show or search for the topic of that episode. Nearly all of the shows and Specials produced by WCCA, since 2010, are available to watch online.

Many of the shows produced before then, including shows no longer aired on WCCA, are in the On Demand Library http://www.wccatv.com/video.

Is there an episode of a WCCA produced show not in the library that you’d like to see? Contact Tracy, tracy@wccatv.com

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