Marathon Bombing

We hope justice is served in it’s fullest and that the investigations and the media portrayal of it is based on facts with an open mindfulness. There will never be closure following the senseless act of murdering the innocent and for whatever the reason, it is never excusable, no matter who the perpetrators are.

There will be a lot of speculation, a lot of false information. This all must be sorted out with the integrity needed to allow the full truth to emerge, without interference from political, partisan, or agenda from any form of government or group. Only then will we all have some sense of hope to regain public confidence.

Be on the alert as law enforcement advises, they need to do their job in a safe and thorough manor. Closer to home, one of our staff members was closely effected by the bombing as she was near the bomb site on Monday. Also directly related, WCCA Youth Media Video Artist project will be postponed today until next week, as our instructor is in Boston and can not leave the premises due to security purposes ( Boston is in shut down. People are asked to stay inside and not go to leave their homes.)

WCCA has received reports of malicious emails preying upon our curiosity of the matter. If you get email saying Photos or Videos of the Boson Marathon or the Texas explosion you may want to consider
throwing them away. They could be trouble. Be ware to click on any link or attachment unless you are sure of the source.

In the meantime our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering from this horrible vicious and violent action.

For any information you may have to help contact the FBI : 1-800-225-5324

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