Okay, we are proud. During a recent conversation with a colleague, a question came up relative to what happens to some of the WCCA TV’s interns. WCCA is a place where people LEARN CREATE PRESENT and CONNECT. It is also a place where people Learn and connect new skills, networking, and experience with meaningful careers. So we not only applaud anyone who recognizes and support this vision and love it when asked questions about the success of our interns.

Being and Intern at WCCA TV opens the door to tremendous opportunities. One can learn and gain valuable experience in nearly every phase of digital media production from the ground up, in a real world environment. It’s an experiential learning at it’s best. Interns instantly start hands on, project based training in video editing, electronic news gathering, television field reporting, studio production, project pre-production planning and design and more. They learn transferable skills on how to produce and Direct TV and or film projects and also get to hone their “on camera” talent and language skills as well.
Another benefit Interning at WCCA TV presents is the networking advantage that is developed as students and volunteers, participate and connect to the community through any of all our collaborative productions. Interning at TV 13 is a win win situation for the Intern and for the community that is being helped through their work.

Not to mention many move on into meaningful, or in some cases, even lucrative, careers in television, film or communications.

For example, I think of people such as KAZ who started producing Video Jam and Our Neighborhood years ago who has moved on to work in NYC and LA on major international projects and recently closer to home on local film projects. Dave who, after interning as a Holy Cross student, took a job at MTV and now does film and commercial work in Hollywood, Justin, who produced some wonderful award winning works now teaches young people in very creative ways involving media and is a strong advocate for social justice, Nicole who started as an intern, then took a position here and then moved to Cambridge Access doing lots of great community builiding things there, and Lauren who recently, after interning on our NEWS 13 show moved to Dothan, Alabama and will be working at WTVY where they are launching a 9PM CW newscast to go along with their regular CBS timeslots. She will be co-producer and co-anchor the show and she tells us that she is extremely excited to get the opportunity to utilize her skills in all three areas of production, anchoring and reporting.

There are other stories of this nature as well, but time is short. If anyone is interested in participating as a WCCA TV Intern contact Jennifer Pichierri at WCCA TV 508-755-1880 ext. 13

WCCA TV Interns you are the BEST ! We are extremely grateful for your help and interest in WCCA and our mission. Also we are thankful for the privilege to work with you.
Best wishes to you all.

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