Who is ” A BEACON OF HOPE” ? WCCA is

“We had a fun interview with the owners of FUNKY STUFF a really cool new art store and more, in Worcester. Here’s what they have to say to our station manager Tracy Foley, about WCCA TV public access. And yes, we’re proud!

Dear Tracy Foley,
Thank you so much for having us on WCCA TV13! We had a lot of fun and it was great meeting everyone and seeing all the great work you are doing. Public Access TV is truly a great service that is essential to the democracy. In an age where almost everything on TV is controlled by a few giant corporations you guys are providing a beacon of hope, allowing a small local arts oriented business a chance to use the airwaves get the word out about about our mission. This is only fair as the airwaves are the property of the people, but without you we would have no access to this great resource. We are extremely grateful and believe that not only should you get your cable contract renewed, but also that you should get more funding from the City of Worcester so that you are able to better provide its wonderful service to its people.
Thanks again for having us and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you guys out.

Adrian Demers
Kai Griffiths

Funky Stuff
113 Lovell Street
Thank guys it’s always a treat when someone smart like you “get’s it”. Best wishes with your new cool shop. Come back some time and we’ll jam on those interesting instruments you sell.” on Doubleyou Seeseeaye‘s timeline.

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