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It has been said that the middle class in the USA is pretty much gone and that we are living in time when “winner take all politics” has set the stage for these poor economic conditions we all are struggling with. Some studies claim that we are now faced with pretty much everything, from all the wealth to government, being controlled by “the richest 1%” of our society. We certainly can argue that is true of today’s traditional mainstream media. As a result, there can be no surprise that we experience what can be argued to be also a time for the majority of our population to hold a general distrust of government. There is a feeling out there that there is less and less that the rest of the “99%” can do about anything and there is certainly less and less opportunity for these voices to be heard.

WCCA TV 13 can empower those who are disenfranchised. WCCA TV provides the tools, the public forum, and access to professional resources to enable YOU to connect, contribute to the flow of news and information and engage others, from the inside out. This is important, especially if you believe in the fading middle class or that the gap between the have and have nots is disproportionately out of whack.

I invite you to participate at TV 13, Worcester’s Public Access Community Media center. Let us know if any of the following meets your interest. If not, let me know that as well.

We offer volunteer and internship opportunities in TV production, grass roots journalism, on camera talent, in all aspects related to audio and video production / news and information. Contact Jennifer Picheri concerning volunteering or internships at We also offer workshops and classes as well as other membership opportunities. Visit or phone us at 508-755-1880. You may also want to look into our basic Studio Television Production Workshop taught by Frank Rocco, it’s a hands on approach and it can lead to becoming WCCA Certified, opening the door to community production and do it yourself video creation. Contact to find out how you can become involved with that.

Other ways to LEARN CREATE AND CONNECT / participate at WCCA TV :
1. Underwrite our programming, phone 508-755-1880 ext. 19 to inquire with Joseph Townsend, to see how you can become a member of WCCA’s Circle of Friends.
2..Schedule yourself to be a guest on any existing WCCA TV show. Choose a show and call 508-755-1880 and ask who to contact for that particular show. Our program schedule is available at
3. SOAPBOX ( WCCA’s easy access program) shoots the last Monday of the Month contact for booking. (May be too late for your event)
4.NEWS 13 ( WCCA’s Citizen Journalism program ) features editorials and short segments where you can come in and present your message or enter information for the shows community calendar. Contact
5.WCCA has an electronic community Bulletin Board , membership is $10 per month or $75 per year to utilize it. Forms available at the studio or on line at key word electronic community bulletin board or PSA
6.Become a community producer member and produce your own TV show for cable cast on WCCA TV.
7. There is more.: Also inquire about WCCA TV’s CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, or our new NON-ProfitĀ  Organizational Membership package. We may also be available to serve your media design and production needs.

No matter what the topic, subject, point of view, talent, culture, age, economic background, personal story or organizational mission you need to share, WCCA TV is YOUR VISION TELEVISION. We’ve been channeling community since 1986.

Be more than a media consumer, be a contributor. BE SEEN and BE HEARD on WCCA TV 13. WCCA builds community through electronic media.

Visit or phone 508-755-1880 ext 11 for further information or schedule an appointment to find out more.


Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”, Worcester MA.

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