New “Candidate Profile” Show part 2 : Special Invitation


New “Candidate Profile” Show part 2 : Special Invitation

WCCA TV is CALLING All candidates who haven’t already appeared on part 1 of WCCA TV’s Candidate Profile, to sign up for part 2. Now it’s your turn to also be seen on TV. So if you are running for City Council, or Worcester School Committee you will want to contact Mauro DePasquale at 508-755-1880 ext 11 or contact him via email at mauro[@]wccatv[.]com as soon as possible to sign up for your time slot on WCCA TV’s part 2 of this years Candidate Profile program.

This event takes place at WCCA TV studio located at 415 Main Street, Worcester, on Wednesday September 14, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. ( Times may be subject to change. )

Time slots for this production are available on a first come first serve basis. So call or email Mauro today.

Candidates should take advantage of this opportunity and it comes FREE with no burden to your campaign fund-raising account.

If you haven’t already appeared on part 1, this is a great opportunity to reach a broad audience to share your background, political position, and to enlighten voters about why you deserve their vote.

This program will be co hosted by Mauro De Pasquale, Executive Director of WCCA and Gary Rosen a local media guru and star of Rosen’s Round Table which is seen exclusively on channel 13.

BTW: WCCA intends to also be replaying both part 1 and part 2 before the preliminary elections.

Thank you

Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”

508-755-1880 ext. 11

Learn, Create and Connect at WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel”


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