Call for volunteers and interns

WCCA TV is continually inundated with request to cover local events each week.  Usually there is never enough advance notice for us to coordinate volunteers to cover these request. We are looking for interns, and volunteers to help cover these request and to meet the ever growing need for community television coverage throughout Worcester.

If you are a college student majoring in communications, grass roots journalism, film and video, TV news production, or audio arts, this is a perfect opportunity to gain hands on ,  real world skills,  in a professional television environment.  If you are interested in building community, media justice, building your resume, or simply to learn more or to take your experience beyond the likes of “YouTube”, please contact us today.

We have a couple of huge events calling for volunteers on September 11, 2011 late afternoon hours, Sept 14, 2011 in the evening starting at 5PM. There are plenty other dates as well. or phone Jennifer at 508-755-1880 ext 13

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